Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Round afgan

Hi all, I know I havent written in awhile. The summer has been crazy. I put my knitting machine away for awhile as I really dont have the space here to have it set up full time. That is my dream for the next place we live. Anyhow, I pulled it back out this week as I have some projects that need to be finished before we travel back home to Oregon in two weeks. The one I have dreaded and put off, mainly because this will be the third time I am attempting it, is a beautiful round afgan. The afgan has a star in the center. The star is made up of 8 diamonds. The diamonds alternate in color to create deapth. I chose a light and dark blue for the diamonds and a grey for the triangels at the edge that create the roundness. I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn. I love this yarn as it is very soft and cuddly, and knits well on the machine. However, I do not like how easily it snags. I am not sure how long this yarn will hold up and still look nice. Anyhow, the first few panels gave me LOTS of trouble, but now I am moving along pretty well. I kept dropping stiches at the beginning of the row on the left side. I finally figured out that I was pulling the yarn too much at the beginning. I usually dont have that problem, but then again, I dont usually knit short rows. I will try to take a picutre on the machine, but will definetly post one when it is done. It will be a first birthday present for a friends son. I am sure they will both like it. Ta ta for now, Princess Miki