Monday, September 04, 2006

The tie belt idea

In response to those who have commented on the tie belt idea, I just wanted to say that I wish it was ours. However, we found it in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine. She thought the idea looked like some of the belts that she had seen at the store, and that they would be easy to make. They are very easy to make, and so far very popular with the 10-12 year old crowd, oh and the mother of one of the girls she gave it to. Unfortunatley unless you are a very thing adult, or you can find ties for big and tall men(these would have extra length)it is not easy to make these for adults. You end up cutting the tie right about where it starts to get wider. This is usually 37 inches or so, and while that may fit around some people, you still need belt to cinch and an end to tuck into belt loops to look right. If you are unfamiliar with Family Fun magazine, I would encourage you to check it, or their website out, as there are lots of great and easy ideas there.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It Really Sucks To Lose A Bet...

Or so my son recently found out. Two months ago he signed up for football. This was his first year in full pads. I think in Oregon 5th graders are still playing touch. Anyhow, after an hour or so of struggling to get his pads in the pockets the right direction, he gave up proclaiming it to be "IMPOSSIBLE". Well, his twin sister loves a challenge, especially when it means bettering her brother. She quickly ask if she could try. He told her sure but she wouldn't be able to do it either because the pockets where too small and the pads too big. She said, "I bet I can." He said she couldn't. Too which she answered, "if I do, you have to put on my cheerleader uniform, lollies(the briefs for under the skirt) and all." He quickly agreed believing that she would never get them in, because it was "impossible" In a matter of seconds she was done. The pads in the right spots, and bending the right direction. Cory, my son, thought it was funny, and agreed to wear the uniform, when she gets it. Well....this last week the uniform arrived. I guess he thought she would forget, or we wouldn't make him do it...boy was he wrong. After telling him he was grounded(maybe a little extreme, but he needs to learn to stand by his word) until he paid up, he finally put the uniform on. He made me promise not to take pictures, and was dismayed when he realized I was only going to take one picture, not multiple pictures. Then the begging began...Mom please don't put this on your blog...yeah right, like I would pass this one up. Okay so maybe I am a little cruel...but he does look kinda cute. His younger sister even whistled at him. Maybe now he will know not to make a bet he wouldn't be willing to pay up on. TTFN, miki

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Belts out of ties

My oldest daughter has been so creative lately. She has started to make the cutest cinch belts out of old ties. She made two last weekend aa a gift for her friend to go with the bag she knit and felted. The turned out so well that she just "had" to make more. Of course she wanted to raid her dads ties to get some really good ones. Plus, as she put it, he never wears ties anyway. Well he didnt let her go through the ties, but did give up a few. She then went to goodwill yesterday and found 20 more that she thought would be good belt choices. Of course when she got home, her dad then chose two that he wanted to keep. One was a nice belt choice, but also a very classic style tie. The other was only ok, and I secretly hope he never wears it. Oh wait I guess it isnt a secret because I told him, and now I am blogging about it. I took pictures of the ones she made last night for gifts. They are very cute. She is even talking about maybe making some and selling them. I like that idea. We will she what comes of it. TTFN, Miki