Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do some people just not own a mirror?

My sisters two oldest daughters are here, so it seriously looks like I am a mom of six this week. The girls just want to swim. This is fine with me, but I would like them to have at least one memorable adventure. Yesterday I suggested Maymont. It is lovely and educational. I thought they might enjoy the Japanese gardens or the bears. They said no. I then suggested the Metro Richmond Zoo. They have a terrific giraffe exhibit so that you are nearly eye to eye with the giraffes and can feed them. The younger of the two girls told me giraffes were her favorite animal, but she would rather swim. So we swam.

In the evening we took them to their first ever concert. It was at a nice outdoor venue that will let the kids under 12 in for free, so it didn't break the bank. We saw Foreigner. They have a new album coming out. I wonder if anything will chart. The girls had a good time.

But why the title you might ask, well my oldest daughter noticed a woman as we were buying our tickets and she was both shocked and repulsed. Now mind you, she is at the age that EVERYRTHING shocks and repulses. But even I had to admit this was bad. This woman was wearing a micro mini skirt in a sporty type fabric that really had no coverage over her ass. I mean we saw what little panties she was wearing, and both cheeks. On top she was weaaring a skin tight pink and white striped crop shirt that barely covered her boobs. And to top it off she had a nice roll in between. YUCK! I wanted to take a picture to post, but my husband told me it would be inapproriate. To make matters worse, the ladies selling beverage tickets commented that her attire was more conservative than the previous week. Really, was she naked the week before? Once again I told my husband that I wish I was able to go to the Poison concert in a few weeks just to people watch. TTFN, Miki

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where did my progress bars go?

I just noticed that my knitting project progress bars are gone. Not that I have finished much on them, but where did they go? When did they leave? Now I need to figure out where I found them, and how to put them back, or if I even want them back. TTFN, Miki

Midlife Crisis?

So, I finally relented, and my husband got a convertible. This one does have four seats so if he is responsible for more than one kid we can still use the car. Plus it gets pretty good gas mileage.

More soon, TTFN, Miki