Friday, April 06, 2007

Natural Easter Eggs

So this year we decided to dye our Easter eggs with dyes found in nature. By we, I of course mean me. I truly hate Easter Egg dyes. They are messy and gross. Sure the colors are kinda pretty, but why not try something different. We used spinach for a VERY pale green, red cabbage for a Robins egg blue, yellow onion skins for an orangey color, cumin for a light yellow, coffee for brown, carrott tops for a yellowy green, beets for a reddish pink, red onion skins were supposed to be purple, but they turned out a sort of brown, and golden delicious apple peels for a brownish lavender. The kids, mainly the youngest, had fun checking the process. These dyes take a little longer to develop their color than say a Paz kit, but I like the end result. We also read on some website when researching this that sometimes cream of tartar will enhance the color. We added some and it seems to give the eggs a sparkle like glitter. Pretty fancy! Enjoy the photos. TTFN, Miki

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bonezmama said...

ooh, I saw that on Martha or something and thought it was cool! I love the way they turned out!!!