Monday, December 10, 2007


Here is the long awaited photo of my nieces piggle hat. I am only showing it from the back. The front looks the same, I am sure you get the idea. TTFN, Miki

PS you can find this pattern at Knitty, for free.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

That is fabulous.

My daughter would LOVE it.

Miki said...

Sue I would not have a problem knitting one up for your daughter. I just finished one for my youngest on a little bit larger needles and it is just a tiny bit to big, but they knit up fast. If you would like me to, just email me, and will work out colors and such. -Mikalan

bonezmama said...

Dude, that would be perfect for my horns. LOL!!! CUUUUTE!!