Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A dish cloth meant for the face

My BFF Val just started knitting. Like me she has crafters ADD. She quickly learned that a garter stitch scarf was boring! So she knit a dish cloth. Hers is great! However, she ran out of patterns. I looked up a few for her on Ravelry, and then found a couple I would like to try.

Part of my "being greener" in the new year has been to reduce my paper use, ie napkins and paper towels. Instead I use cloth, or for every day small dish cloths. They are inexpensive and I can re use them. So anyhow, I found this pretty feather and fan pattern and figured I would give it a try. Then I found a Sugar and Cream cotton by Lily that was self striping and the colors were so pretty. It was called country stripe, but I think it is a little more Pacific Oceany than country. The first picture shows the colors the best I can get tonight, and the second shows the pattern the best. My oldest daughter really liked how it turned out, and thinks it would be a shame to use on dishes, so it will probably be used for the face. Enjoy, Miki


Valerie said...

It is beautiful Mik! I am definately gonna have to go yarn shopping soon. That self striping worked out awesome! I love it! Val :)

Valerie said...

Okay Mik - time for some updates. What have you been up to lately? Loves ya, Val :)