Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in School

So I have started school again after a few very short weeks off. I am taking Anatomy, Math and Spanish. Yes I took many years of Spanish already, but have not used it and do not feel comfortable putting on a resume that I speak Spanish. I totally wimped out and decided to take Spanish 101. This class is for students who have never had Spanish. The teacher wants me to move to another class. She thinks I won't be challenged. I explained to her that I already felt challenged, and that it would be a really good refresher for me, and that if I felt like it was too easy I would switch classes. She had me take a placement test of sorts and she didn't email me that I "knocked it out of the park" so I will take that as I can stay in the class. The way I see it, I can refresh my Spanish and get an easy A at the same time, plus I can spend less time studying Spanish and more time on the Anatomy.

As a complication to my best laid plans, the bookstore gave me the wrong math book, and did not even carry the right one. The smart people who ordered it somewhere else, have the right one. I have now ordered it somewhere else and should be able to study soon. Of course I have time to study right now, and no math book to work from. I guess it is a good think it is a virtual class. Of course it looks as if it were a normal class that I would have purchased the right book. Oh well, here is to another semester...TTFN, Miki

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