Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mothers Day Sweater

Well I started on the sweater yesterday. I had to connect the extension to the middle of my machine. I have used it before, but this time it doesnt seem to be running very smooth. I finished the back of the sweater, but it took way to long in my oppinion as I had to do about half the stitches by hand. Actually that is an exageration, but I did have to hand manipulate many of the stitches. Apparantely one part of the bed is not sitting as flat as other parts, and the carriage keeps catching on it. As soon as I figured it out, it went a little smoother. My husband says it looks great, but I think it looks really big. Of course, I always think this when knitting a sweater, and then when it is all together, it looks fine. I am not sure how to post photos on my blog yet, but as soon as I can figure it out, I will post a photo of the progress. I really think my mom will like this sweater.

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