Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Shrug done

Well I finished the shrug. I love the yarn, and love the color. I am not real happy about how the yarn patterned. As I said before, I would have like the sleeves to match. This is how the sample was and I guess I thought mine would too, but alas it didnt. It also seems a little big. The cuffs are ribbed and a little loose. I am not sure if it is the yarn that I used, Joanns Sensations, Rainbow Boucle, or if I need to resize the pattern. Or if, I need to use a smaller size keyplate. Remember I knit it on my Bond USM. I used the keyplate 3, but maybe I should try a 2.5. I am a little worried that if I go smaller it will be too small. I thought about swatching. Something I should do every project, and dont. But, I can hardly see the stitches to rib, I doubt I could see them to check guage. Plus, I dont believe the pattern says what the guage was. I will take a picture and post for all to see. I said to my husband that it will be fine for bumming around the house. He told me that he thought it was too nice to bum around in. Now wasnt that sweet of him. Gotta get the kids off to school. TTFN, Princess Miki

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