Friday, March 24, 2006

Surprise Anniversary gifts

My husband is such a romantic. All of my friends are jealous and their husbands now hate him. Oh well...they will get over it. We just celebrated out 14th wedding anniversary. To surprise me, he bought tickets to New York, made reservations at Sardi's, and then tickets to see Rent on Broadway. We flew in for just the day and night and then flew back the next morning. What a fun trip. However after much planning and such, his trip did not go as he had envisioned. The airline lost our luggage, and instead of sight seeing and going to dinner, we spent the first few hours in New York getting me clothes and shoes suitable for dinner. Then when we checked into the hotel room, it was FLITHY. I complained and they upgraded us, but still a bummer. So then we went to will call to pick up our tickets and while we were charged for Orchestra we were given rear mezzanine(the back row). That was still ok because it was a small theater. But we still have to deal with the ticket agency about a credit. Then my husband tells me that he had first purchased ticket to see Spamalot, but that the company he purchased them from as appartanly gone out of business and last minute Rent was all he could get.

Well, needless to say I thought the trip, was wonderful. But he didnt. It wasnt what he planned and sometimes it his hard to get past that vision. Rent was awesome! What amazing vocal talent these people have. The airlines did find our bag. Yeah! But did not want to compensate us in any way for the inconvience. They finally gave us 2 twenty five dollar vouchers for our next flight. Not much considering I had to spend 117 for clothes and shoes, and I will never wear the shoes again, because they hurt my feet. I will write the airline over this one.

Also we missed our reservation at Sardi's, but were able to go there after the musical, but the airline doesnt need to know that. Dinner was good. The company was excellent, and the first time in a long time, we were away from our kids overnight. Hey this could be a Visa commerical. Didnt I see somewhere that they were doing a contest for the best written priceless commerical. I'd say one night a s grown ups is priceless, even with all the mix ups. I think I will work on that idea. I guess it doesnt hurt to try right? TTFN, miki

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