Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yeah for me and Gwen! Or is it Gwen and I? Yes I think it is. Well anyway and either way, we finished removing the wallpaper in the kitchen. I will still need to paint, but it is a huge improvement on the partially removed paper that we have been looking at since Oct.. Plus I like the white walls better than the paper that was up there. There is something to be said for making a home your own, rather than living in what you what you purchased. Everyone has diferent tastes and one should not be subject to the tastes of the previous owner.

Our family room is a sorta peach color, which I guess isnt that bad. But up against the now white walls of the dining room, I am not fond of it. My husband thinks it still works, but I will soon convince him that it will need painted. It just looks dirty to me now.

On a completely different note...I cut my finger pretty bad yesterday instictively reaching for a picture frame that was falling down our stairs. Just as I reached for it, it broke apart and the inside of my right ring finger was sliced by the glass. I took a pretty good piece out near the second knuckle. It bled a really long time and just when I thought it was done bleading it started again. My husband and sister both thought I needed to go to the doctor for stitches. But my answer to them was to stitch what, the piece was missing. My sister suggested they might cauterize it. Yeah just what I want something hot, burning the spot that I cut! Well now a day later, my finger, and whole hand for that matter hurts. So I made a doctors appointment just to have it looked at. At this point I want to be on the safe side. Also I really dont want it to get infected. I like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I mean I did give birth twice naturally, and I didnt cry yesterday...all though I wanted to. But, right now, I could go for some pain pills. Of course typing isnt helping anything, and I keep making mistakes and I use that finger to back space and when I do, pain shoots through my hand. So now we get to see what the doctor has to say. TTFN, Miki


Valerie said...

So, I gotta know...what did the doctor say about your hand? Hee, hee, heee - I had to start my own blog so I could be anal and ask you right now about your owie. I guess I could've waited until tomorrow afternoon when you guys call Megan. Oh well, now I can let you know how much I love Gwen's socks - they ROCK! Talk to you more later! Val :)

Krista said...

Actually, it would be Gwen and me! Sorry - English major. So sorry about your finger...The little puppy is adorable, though.