Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Socks and progress bars

Well I finally figured out progress bars. I told my sister earlier today that I would need to make a progress bar for my progress bars. For some reason I was having trouble figuring it all out. Well today I had a break through, and they are now fully installed. Yeah! Kinda corny I know, but gives me and anyone who reads this a perspective of some of the things I am working on. It will hopefully also keep me on track, and help get things finished in a timely manner.

Keeping this in mind...I finished Gwen's socks. They were orginally my socks, but I didnt think the first one fit as good as it should, and it fit her perfect. I loved the colorway, and loved most of the pattern, but it had me stopping and cutting the yarn and then restarting at the heel. This, because I wasnt thinking, made the two socks just a little different. Hard to tell unless I mention it and you are looking for it. Plus, she will probably be wearing shoes most of the time. The frustratin thing is that I restated the second sock MANY times to make them match and then they don't. I know I am being anal about this, but I like my socks to match. Anyhow she is tickeled to have them and I have one project done, not counting the progress bars. TTFN, Miki


Mary said...

Cute socks - you need to share the name and colorway of the yarn and the pattern you used! :-)

I like the idea of progress bars, so may have to try using some of those....

Miki said...

Mary, what would I do without you. ;) I completely forgot about posting the yarn and name of pattern. I was so excited about getting the progress bars figured out. Anyhow...the yarn was Lion Brand Magic Stripes, Stonewashed Blue pattern. The pattern I used was "Knitted Socks" by Grace Alexander. I got the pattern free on the Moda Dea website(www.modadea.com) for use with their Sassy Stripes yarn. I think you need to look on their yarn to find the pattern. Good Luck with any sock knitting you might do. -Miki