Monday, July 03, 2006

Where to start

So I saw the Doctor about my finger on Thursday. He said I couldnt have done much more damage without cutting the finger off. Well isnt that great to know. Anyhow, I hit/cut the finger in 3 spots. In the first spot I only nicked and bruised the finger, the second, and worst spot, I cut and hit/bruised the artery and nerve. Which I also did to a lesser degree to the third spot, in between the 2 fingers. He said that it would hurt a lot for a few weeks. Great! He also said that he was worried about a staph infection so he was putting me on antibiotics. One of the two reasons I went to him, infection. The other was of course pain. On the pain front, I didn't get any good pain killers, but 800mg. of good old Ibuprofen. That seems to be doing the trick, so I guess Dr. knows best. So aside from pointing out the obvious(it was a bad cut)and applying neosporin and a badage, all I got out of the visit was a prescription. Oh well. In a similar vein, the antibiotic he put me on is the worst. It gives the worst stomache aches, even when taken with food and with a prilosec in me. YUCK!

So....the big news....we got a new puppy!!!Yeah! Except for the waking up a few times a night, and the constantly needing to know where he is and what he is into, it isnt too bad. Oh and the keeping the kids from smothering him to death. I have become so accustom to sleeping all night, that now I remember what it was like to be a nursing mom. The good news is that I will get him sleeping through the night faster than a human baby

We purchased an 8 week old male pug puppy. He is so tiny and adorable. This is the second pug we have owned. We have found them to be very good dogs for our family. TTFN, Miki

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Mary said...

That puppy is ADORABLE! Hard to believe how tiny he is!

Here's hoping your finger heals completely!