Monday, September 04, 2006

The tie belt idea

In response to those who have commented on the tie belt idea, I just wanted to say that I wish it was ours. However, we found it in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine. She thought the idea looked like some of the belts that she had seen at the store, and that they would be easy to make. They are very easy to make, and so far very popular with the 10-12 year old crowd, oh and the mother of one of the girls she gave it to. Unfortunatley unless you are a very thing adult, or you can find ties for big and tall men(these would have extra length)it is not easy to make these for adults. You end up cutting the tie right about where it starts to get wider. This is usually 37 inches or so, and while that may fit around some people, you still need belt to cinch and an end to tuck into belt loops to look right. If you are unfamiliar with Family Fun magazine, I would encourage you to check it, or their website out, as there are lots of great and easy ideas there.

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