Saturday, September 02, 2006

Belts out of ties

My oldest daughter has been so creative lately. She has started to make the cutest cinch belts out of old ties. She made two last weekend aa a gift for her friend to go with the bag she knit and felted. The turned out so well that she just "had" to make more. Of course she wanted to raid her dads ties to get some really good ones. Plus, as she put it, he never wears ties anyway. Well he didnt let her go through the ties, but did give up a few. She then went to goodwill yesterday and found 20 more that she thought would be good belt choices. Of course when she got home, her dad then chose two that he wanted to keep. One was a nice belt choice, but also a very classic style tie. The other was only ok, and I secretly hope he never wears it. Oh wait I guess it isnt a secret because I told him, and now I am blogging about it. I took pictures of the ones she made last night for gifts. They are very cute. She is even talking about maybe making some and selling them. I like that idea. We will she what comes of it. TTFN, Miki


Mary said...

Great idea! :-)

Krista said...

What a wonderful idea to make belts from ties. Very resourseful of her! She could sell those!