Friday, March 02, 2007

Fergie the Spelling Tutor

Somthing must be wrong with our world when we have pop stars/rappers, or whatever she, Fergie,wants to be reffered to spelling in their songs. Has the state of our public education system gotten so bad that in Fergalicious she tells us she isn't a slut, and I say REALLY? Then why are you rolling around in cake and frosting in barely any clothes in the video? Give me a break! Now she has a new song Glamorous and which she also needs to spell for us. TTFN, Miki


Housewife said...

I dunno

If I looked like her I'd spend my life naked too...

But I'll join you in objecting, mostly because I'm jealous


bonezmama said...

What's really sad is that now kids are spelling things like pls and thx, etc. from internet vernacular in school papers and such. I am glad Fergie at least can spell her name.