Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Technology Sucks...Sometimes

So the cookie sale is over. Finally! I just have some money collecting, and a little paperwork to do. The girls and I finished up two large projects for the cookie pins and submitted them electronically. I took a break planning on making the hard copies later in the evening. Well later when I came back the screen on my laptop was BLACK! When I rebooted the screen quicly flashed some ugly color, and then went black again. So, I took it itno geek sqaud today and they say the LED screen has gone bad. YUCK! So I bought a new laptop and paid for them to transfer my files to the new one. They however did not get all of the music...actually they only took the itunes. This works great for me, but not my hubby as his MP3 player doesn't use itunes. The most frustrating part is I was told they were making an exact copy of my hard drive...LIARS. Anyhow, now I have to either take it back to them, and watch them connect the two hard drives and tell them what to take, or figure out how to do it myself. Apparantly the spot on my old laptop to connect another monitor was also not working; LUCKY ME! As far as I can tell they got everything else. Now I just need to figure out how to get all my bookmarked sites back. And I need to figure out this new keyboard as every once in awhile, I touch something and the cursor jumps back a few lines.

On another frustrating front, we took Craigs new/used car in yesterday for its inspection. We knew they wouldn't get to it until today. Well they called this morning and ask how to shut off the alarm. I told them to use the correct key to start the car. I don't think they liked that answer. So apparntly there is a keypad to type in a code if the wrong key is used. Which I am sure they did, or the alarm wouldn't have gone off. Only problem is Craig wrote the code down on a scrap of paper that I had recycled, and while I was on the phone with the mechaninc, the recycle truck was pulling away. So I went to the mechanics and I have no idea what they did, but no matter what I did, keyless entry unlock, anything...the alarm went off. So I called the dealer, who called the previous owner to get the code. We typed in the code, and the alarm still went off. Now we have driven this car 3 or 4 times with no problem, so I don't know what they did, but long story short, they took the alarm out. The car however, did not get inspected today.

This keyboard is truly driving me crazy! I wish I could figure it out, and why it keeps jumping around.

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Valerie said...

I know it was frustrating but your story made me laugh. Thanks! Hope your weekend is better - talk to you more soon. Val :)