Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

So I had planned on writing something yesterday for Earth Day. It didn't happen. I will however write something today. In my quest to be greener, I feel like I am still falling short. I have been working hard at remembering my own bags for the grocery store. The clerks usually give me a funny look and then still only put a few items in each bag. I end up grabbing groceries before they can to stick in my still empty bags so they won't give me any plastic bags. Sometimes it feels like the bagging person, gets paid by how many plastic bags they use in a day. Seriously!

Sunday with my Girl Scouts, they decorated canvas bags for the grocery store. The bags had a piece of the Girl Scout law, either make the world a better place, or use resources wisely. Each bag was similar and yet different. My oldest daughters was awesome! I am constantly amazed at her effortless artistic ability. She would have loved to have taken an art class at school this year, but she wasn't willing to give up choir. I guess I could always sign her up for a class at a local studio. Where I would find the time for it, I am not sure.

Yesterday's Weekly Grist was informative as usual. I particularly liked their top ten. I will definitely be looking into some of these items. The led lights and power strip were two of my favorites.

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