Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free Tupperware

I grew up in a house full of Tupperware. I am sorry to say that my house is not. As a child I remember attending or being the child of the hostess of many Tupperware parties. My cereal bowl, cups and toys were Tupperware. We also had many other pieces. One our family nicknamed the "popcorn" bowl. Obviously by the name you can guess we used it for popcorn. It was a large mixing bowl and held lots of popcorn for our family. It was used almost every day. I would love to have more Tupperware, but haven't been inivited to a party in years, and haven't bumped into anyone selling it either. Now, one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Gottlieb, is giving away Tupperware. Yea!!! You can try to win some too. Just visit Jessica's blog Good Luck and I hope to blog again soon. -Miki

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