Friday, July 24, 2009

Preparing for nursing school

This last year feels like a blur to me. I took all my pre and co requisite classes for nursing school. I applied, and was accepted. I shouldn't have been to surprised since I have a 4.0 gpa. Then the stress started. The company my husband worked for closed in Feb. We had officially known it was closing for a few months. Fortunately we had been planning for it for over a year. He was offered a lovely severance package that included company paid COBRA for 4 months. The day his final paycheck and the severance package was due to arrive in our accounts is when it started getting crazy. The final paycheck came, but not the severance. The company's initial answer was that we were confused on when it was supposed to be paid. A few days later we received a letter saying they were out of money and it wouldn't be paid and neither would the COBRA. TERRIFIC! I needed to have a nursing school physical and dental exam, and some new immunizations. That was going to be great fun with no insurance.

Fast forward a few months. My husband is still out of work. He has gone on lots of interviews and has been told more times than we would like that he was one of 4 or 5 finalist out of over 100 qualified applicants. Yet, we still don't have income or insurance. My mother is unable to find my immunization records and as a result of this I need to have titers for the MMR and chickenpox. My doctor has told me that they are very expensive. The chickenpox titer is around $300. I went to a low income clinic for the physical, which did save me some money, but they said they couldn't do/order the titers. Another friend who has used that clinic has told me they could. This is all so frustrating!!! I wish my mom could find my records, it would take some of the stress off. I keep hoping soon I will catch a break and the records will appear, or I can find someone to do the tests for free or low cost. That is probably just wishful thinking though. For now I will plug away on what I can handle and try to relax for the last few weeks before school school starts again. Wish me luck! TTFN, Miki

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