Friday, January 13, 2006

Round afgan for a girl

I feel like I have been knitting like crazy lately, both on the machine and by hand. Of course, it serves a few purposes. First I get projects done that I have been wanting or meaning to do for a long time. Second, I get to use my stash and then I can truly justify buying new yarn that I love. Thirdly, it keeps me busy, so I have little time to sit around and twiddle my thumbs. I just twiddle some needles instead. ;) Anyhow, I finished the ruby red booties. They still need the buttons sewn on, but other than that they are done. I finished the felted booties. I am not thrilled with how they turned out. They still seem a little big, so maybe I will run them through the machine again. The problem I think I am having is we bought a new washer and dryer, which I absoultely love, but am still trying to figure out just what I need to do to get the felting results that I want. We are used to a traditional top load machine, and I knew just what to set it too, and for how long. We now have a front load LG. It is an awesome machine for doing laundry. It saves me time and money. However for felting, I just havent figured it out yet. So, maybe one more time through will do the job. I also just started on a round baby afgan for my new niece. I am doing it in lavendar, light sage green( that looks a little minty to me) and a tan color. I thought this would look ok, and are the colors my sister chose. They match the colors closely to a quilt she is making her. However as I am knitting, I do not think I like how it is turning out. The blue and grey one I did was awesome, but this one...I dont know. Maybe when it is done, it will be cool. I sure hope so. After I am done with the blanket, I still need to knit the the sweater on my other machine, and I would like to do some felted slippers for my other nieces. I want them to get some gifts too as their sister is getting a few things from me. Plus, I dont get to spoil them on a daily basis anymore. And, what is more fun than an aunt from out of state bringing you gifts when she visits. Oh yeah that reminds me, I have also been knitting a case for my knitting needles that I will felt. The pattern is from a knitting magazine...dont remember which one, will have to add the link next time...maybe with a picture as I am just about done with it.
On the other stuff topic, last week my son split the back of his head open in the bathroom. He cracked it on the soap dish in the tub. We had to go to the ER and he got to staples in his head. They were removed on Wed.. He is doing fine, and never passed out, and didnt get a concussion. Lucky for him and us. I have two more weeks until I get to go home and see my new niece. I am so excited. I also get to see everyone else and that also makes me happy. Well I guess that is all Ive got for now. TTFN

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