Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, I am back from my trip to Oregon. I had so much fun. I sure miss my nieces though. My stay was much to short, and I can hardly wait to go back. My sister loved the blanket, felted booties and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road booties I made. My nieces thought the Ruby red slippers for Baby Jilly were sooo cute! And they were. ;) So for now I really dont have that much I am knitting. I am still working on the socks in self striping yarn. I am not sure I like the colors and may give them to my daughter, but then again I love handknit socks, so I may keep them. I am also working on a shrug pattern from the Lionbrand web site. It is a wrap around shrug knit in homespun. I chose a charcol grey so it will be versatile. Essentilally you put in one arm, wrap the rest once around your body, like you would wrap a scarf, and put the other arm in. I thought it sounded interesting, and I love homespun. So, we will see if I like it when it is done. I had started on a sweater for my father in law. I was knitting the Boyfriend sweater from, in Caron Simply Soft. But, it was HUGE. I could have worn the size medium as a dress. Now I am not that short, so I dont know why it is sooo big. I think I will write Linda at Kangamooknits and see what she thinks. Maybe it has to do with my guage. I have no idea at this point. I guess I really should swatch and check guage. I am going to try once again to post pictures on the page with the easy insert option we now have. Last time it didnt work. So, if it doesnt work this time, I will have to use Hello again. I will add the round blanket I made my niece, the booties and red slippers and the checker board blanket that I made a friends baby. I will also include some finger puppets that a friend made for my niece. I absolutely love them. I am encouraging her to make some to sell. She could even write a few stories to go along with them and to inspire others. I guess that is all for now. TTFN, Miki

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