Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gwen's Cheer Socks

Well now that football cheer season is over, I have finished Gwens cheer socks. Oh well there is always next year. I knit socks to go with her uniform, for before a competition. She isn't supposed to wear her cheer shoes unitl she is warming up to go on the mats. This helps to keep them a pristine white color. So the plan was to knit these great socks and get her a pair of black crocs to wear with them. Well we got the crocs. That was the easy part. Of course had I really worked on the socks to get them done they would have been. But they were just a side project for me. You know how my attention span is and all. So now they are done. Yeah! Sorry for the picture. I just couldnt capture the color the way I wanted, and it looks a little blurry, but that could just be my eyes.

The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes, Lumberjack Black colorway.

And for my next project...socks for me. No really this time I mean it. I am sure they wil fit me this time, and Gwen will not get them. I am knitting them in Lion Brand magic stripes, Regatta Blue Stripe colorway. I am about half way done with the first sock. After that I owe my husband a pair. He will be getting my first pair knit with AWESOME sock yarn. He chose a yarn that he found at the Yarn Lounge in Richmond, that has aloe and jojoba oil in it. The yarn is Austermann Step. The color is 4, from what I can tell. My description of the color is a varegated grey, light blue. I can't wait to see how these knit up.

Thats all I got, so TTFN, Miki

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