Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 35th birthday. So far it feels like any other day. My kids are real excited about it though. So excited that I had to open my gifts first thing this morning, even before breakfast. They bought me a Moms devotional, a top with a lace inset, a blue tooth headset for my phone, and a leather jacket. I think this may be the first occassion ever that I didn't get any jewelry from them. Wow!

Later today some of my girl friends here in Virgina are taking me out for lunch. That will be fun. Of course over the next few weeks it will just feel like a weekly occurance as we have three birthdays over I think 3 weeks. And then a fourth one a few weeks later.

Tonight I have a Girl Scout leader meeting, so no real celebration. I just hope that the package my mom sent from Oregon gets here as she baked me an applesauce cake and vacuum sealed it. She did this two years ago when we were in Minnesota, but not last year. Just so its out there and my mom doesn't sound crazy, she always makes me an applesauce cake for my birthday. Well except for last year. When we were in Minnesota that was the first time we werent living in Oregon, and so she sent it to me. She even sent the frosting. All the kids had to do was frost it. Of course they got a little carried away and add all kids of sprinkles and stuff. It really ended up looking disgusting, but it tasted sooooo good.

Looks Yummy huh?

Well I am off to do the things I need to do, like finish Jacquelyns stocking, TTDN, Miki

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