Sunday, November 12, 2006

State Competition

Well Cheer is over...for football that is. I am not sure when basketball starts, but it will be soon. I had promised pictures of Gwen's hair, but for some strange reason, never posted them. It take about 2 hours to wrap, and my hands are super hairspray sticky after, but it sure looks cute.
In curlers


Today was our last competition. Virginia States. The girls have worked very hard the last few weeks in preparation for this competition. It was an all day event, with many different categories that I couldn't even dream of trying to figure out. Out "senior" squad placed first in their category, and we...drum roll please placed 2nd. This was out of 6 teams, and our girls looked great. Here is a picture of Gwen holding the team trophy.

I also took a few pictures of them doing their routine. In the first one, Gwen has her back to the camera, as she is the front support for the stunt group.

In the next one, she is in the back row, on the right side.

For the last one, she is also in the back, on the right.

So after a long day of cheer I am totally wiped. TTFN, Miki

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