Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally registered!

So I finally have all the kids registered for school. I was amazed at the class offerings the high school had. So much more than what we had at the last school. They won't know their schedules until Monday, but I think they are happy with all of their choices. Gwen has a lot of "learning class" and few fun classes. But, then again that is the type of kid she is. Cory made some very responsible choices, and I hope they work out for them. It is really interesting to me to see what each state thinks is important for graduation requirements. For example in order to receive a basic diploma in Virginia, you have to have 2 years of a language and I believe two years of health and PE. Here, you only have to have 2 years of a language for any diploma and only one year of PE. Only requiring the one year allowed them more class choices in their schedule. Gwen was able to request the athletic trainer program, and Cory requested a sports and entertainment marketing class. Both sound fun and interesting to me and will give them a taste of a career option while still in high school. Gwen also chose a class that had to do with business as a backup option. I think they did a marvelous job choosing this school, and in choosing their classes.

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