Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In the new house almost a month

So we have been in NC almost a month. Just about every box in the house is unpacked. Those that aren't I am not motivated to unpack. Part of me says I should just toss what is in them, but I can't because some of them are important files, and knitting books and yarn, and Mary Kay product. All of this I will use in some capacity sooner or later. I just don't want to find a home for it right now.

The kids have all started school. Gwen didn't get all the classes she wanted, but I think she is ok with that now. Cornell also didn't get a class he wanted, but he is taking two math classes so he can stay caught up. He thinks this will work out better and I agree. Jacque is complaining every day that math is entirely review. I have spoken with and then emailed the counselor regarding checking the curriculum against her math from last year and possibly advancing her. I have yet to hear back. She is in band and learning to play the clarinet. Her first choice was the saxophone, but her band director prefers to have them start with clarinet and then they can test in December to switch to Sax. So, that is what she is going to try to do. Clarece, is also taking band and playing clarinet. Her 3rd year. She has expressed a small interest in sax, but really likes her clarinet.

I am still looking for work. Looking for work is a total bummer. All of my friend who graduated with me have found jobs. I know that if we had stayed in Richmond, I too would have a job. Connections make all the difference. Not knowing anyone here, and not having precepted here makes it a lot harder. In the mean time, I am going a bit stir crazy. I am finishing some knitting projects, and will probably start on some projects for Christmas. I have a football themed table runner I still need to make, and I also have a quilt I can work on. I clean the house all the time. What else can I do? Please Lord, let me find some work soon!

Our house in Richmond still isn't rented. This will be month number two of two house payments. This sucks big time! I am not entirely thrilled with the property management company that is representing us. They came very highly recommended, but they are horrible about returning our calls and they don't seem to communicate with us well. After Hurricane Irene, we had to call them to make sure the house was ok. They hadn't even been by. Not cool! Makes me wonder if they are doing all they can to rent it. I may need to look into getting released from the contract and renting it ourselves or go with someone else.

I had planned on posting the knitting projects I am working on now, or had just finished, but I haven't taken the pictures yet, so that will be another post.

TTFN, Miki

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