Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's official!

Well, it will be when I actually have the license, but I passed my boards. Thank you God!!! This morning when I looked on the VA board website by my name it said no license and I wanted to puke. I almost cried. My son was so sweet. He rubbed my back and said. "I'm sorry mom, it will be ok though." Some girl will be so lucky to have such a caring compassionate man someday. I am so blessed! Will say also that my girls were all in Richmond the last few days, but each of them checked on me yesterday and told me they were proud of me and they were sure I rocked it. Again I am SO blessed! When I was in the midst of my panic about possibly not passing I called my sister. She too had a similar moment last year when her license wasn't showing up, and she couldn't re register for the test. She was able to calm me down until I could call the board and see what was going on. When I called the recording said my license was current, but had a hold. Not sure what that was about. The live person I spoke with said there was no hold and that my license was good, and she even gave me the number. Yea!!! It is such a relief to know that this phase of my life is over. I met some truly wonderful people that are now dear friends. I had exceptional instructors that I can now call colleagues. Without them and the awesome support of my family this would not have been possible. Thank you all!
-Mikalan M. Krause, R.N.

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