Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belated What's On Your Needles

Sorry, I just have not been in the mood to blog lately. I have been knitting. Lots of wash/dish cloths. I did not realize how much cotton yarn I had. And by cotton, for the most part I mean peaches and cream random balls. I will post pictures at another time. I have found a pattern I really like in that it is super simple and goes pretty fast. The pattern is called Bee's Stitch. Not sure why it is called that, but it essentially is a K,K1 in the stitch below, repeat, that is staggered with knit rows in between. I don't really have to think about anything while I am knitting and while I have made a mistake or two forgetting to stagger, the average person can't tell. LOVE that! I have also used up the ends of one ball on a scrubby or as the pattern calls it a "tawashi". It was simple and quick. I had to think a bit more on this one, but that is ok. In the end it was a little smaller than I had hoped, so I will probably need to increase the number of stitches, but all in all pretty good. Of course if I increase the stitches, it won't use up the end of a ball. Guess I should try it out before I go tinkering with the pattern.

I have a hat/scarf pattern that I really want to knit as I am really getting tired of wash cloths, but I don't know where my yarn stash is yet, so until I decided to finish unpacking the garage it will have to wait. TTFN

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