Friday, October 21, 2011

Treadmills and other stuff

Today I jumped back on the treadmill after a week off. I was lacking motivation. Not sure why. I mean I am losing weight...slowly, but still losing. I feel better, and for the most part am sleeping better. I did lift nearly everyday this last week, and I also did some yoga. So at least I wasn't sitting around doing nothing. I will say that after a few days off, I was scared to go back. I was worried that I would tire quickly, and we super sore. I am happy to say that neither happened. It felt great and so do I. I may pay for it later but that is ok.

On a super happy note, Craig received a check for part of the settlement from his job at Qimonda. It took almost 3 years, and is not even close to what he is owed, but it is a start. As of right now, 2 more checks are expected. I have no idea how much they will be for.

Also, our house is finally leased!!!! Hooray! It leased for less than we wanted, and repairs are being done, so I am pretty sure when all the bills are done we will get no money to our November payment, but I am SO glad it is finally leased.

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Valerie Burch said...

Awesome news!! Love all your knitted cloths - the starfish are cool looking. Wish I could be knitting up a storm with you :)