Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's on you needles Wednesday #4

Today I will finally post pictures of some of the projects I have finished up lately. As I said before it has mainly been wash/dish cloths. I am using up the cotton yarn that I have been able to find. This last weekend we pulled the Halloween stuff out of the garage and I located my other yarn. Happy Day!!!! Now I can knit hats and sweaters and socks and whatever else I want to knit. First up will be a hat scarf that I saw on Caron's site. I will NOT be using the 1lb yarn that it calls for. YUCK! I truly dislike how this feels. I will make the first one our of some Caron simply soft in a bright aqua color. Jacque really wants hers to be multi colored. In my stash I found a purple gradient boucle that I had purchased years ago. I am afraid that it will be too light weight for this hat, but I will probably try. Why not...I have all kinds of time on my hands and I already own the yarn. Hopefully next week I will have pictures of this new project to show you.
For now here are the pictures I have been promising.


Pile of projects

Lacey cloth

Chinese waves ( I used Peaches and Cream scents to knit this. It smells like lavender. I didn't know it was scented when I bought it. Jacque chose it because it was purple! Interesting to knit with, but not sure why you would want scented yarn. Wouldn't the scent wash out?)

Bee's Stitch

Lace again


Fabriknit hat

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