Monday, February 27, 2006

Birthday Week

Whew! My week of birthdays and parties is OVER! Thank goodness. I am not sure how much more I could take. My twins' birthday was on Tuesday. They turned ten. We had their party with about 20 4th graders on Sat.. My youngest daughters birthday was Thursday. She turned 6. So, on Sat. we had a party for her friends. So, needless to say no knitting has been accomplished this week other than the hat for my cousin. Which I still need to send. This week is scheduled to be another crazy week so, I dont know how much I am going to get done as far as knitting goes this week. The older girls are still cheering for basketball, my son starts baseball practice. My youngest starts Karate lessons, and then their is girl scouts. I will be doing a lot of driving just to get them where they need to go. Someone on the sweater machine group on Yahoo has inspired me to knit some summer tops. I am not sure however I have a yarn and can/want to use. I will also need to adapt a pattern from handknitting. There are lots of really cool patterns in the recent knitting mags. Also, after getting no response back from the group about the problems I was having with the machine, I called Bond-America, the suppliers, manufacturers, whatever. Anyhow Laurie, the women I spoke with said that it sounded like the carriage was funky and she would send me a new one. I sure hope this fixes the problem. What great customer support!!! I have only heard one bad thing about their customer support and it really surprised me, because I have never had any difficulties. This person eventually had their problem dealt with, but had to send her machine into them, and I dont think she has gotten it back yet. Well, I need to get the kids moving a little faster or they will miss the bus. TTFN

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