Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well the first time I tried, they didnt show up, and then I got two to show, and one I didnt even right about. Anyhow it was of my neice Alli in her new hat. She chose the purple one in Cascade 220. It wasnt mine, or her moms favorite, but it was hers. Isnt she pretty. Anyhow, I am going to try to add more pictures now. So keep your fingers crossed. -miki


Mary said...

Did you knit the hooded poncho? If so, it's gorgeous! (We just need to teach that little girl how to stand upright instead of sideways!)

Nice to find another Virginia knitter - I'll be adding you to my "Local Knitters" blogroll!

Miki said...

Mary, I sure hope you are getting this reply. Yes I knit the hooded poncho. On my knitting machine. It is a pattern from, and was what I gave all my nieces for gifts last year. The yarn I used was a variegated one from Red Heart. I absolutely love how it turned out. Most of the poncho has a self patterning to it. The last panel did its own thing. Where in Virginia are you? _miki