Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So, here it is another hat, which I guess in my group of friends and family I have become notorious for. When I was back in Oregon, and I gave my sister all the cool stuff I made for her new baby, my Aunt Kathy ask if I was still making hats. Of course I still make them. She said she wanted one for her daughter Bonnie who is a Junior or Senior, I dont remember which at the University of Oregon. She was hoping I could do it in Green and Yellow. Now dont get me wrong, I am one of the biggest Duck fans ever. You have to root for your school right. And I have my share of green and yellow attire, but a hat I dont know. I had a great dark green one I wore to cold games and loved it, but the yellow is soooo bright, I dont think I could pull it off, but maybe for a game. Anyhow, I came home, my sister suggested I try the Patons Merino Classic Wool. They had just started carring it at her Joannes and she wanted to know how it felted. She also knew that I hadnt found a Brown Sheep distributor locally and knew I wouldnt have time to buy direct. So I went to my local Ben Franklin, which has a great selection of yarn for a craft store and they had the perfect color in it, Bottle Green. I then found a bright yellow fun fur, not sure of its name as I cant find the label, but it is the only bright yellow. I then knit the fur with some Lambs Pride in Lemon Drop, and had this green and yellow hat. The green felted great, the yellow could have felted better, but when coupled with the fast felting green, I had to stop felting it. I hope she likes and wears the hat. I still think it would be a game day only hat, but she may think differently. I knit the hat from the Kangamooknits pattern, and did it on my USM.
I am beginning to have problems with my USM, it seems like the carriage is sitting lower on the bed. The carriage keeps catching on the needle butts. It is VERY frustrating. I think I remem

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