Friday, February 16, 2007

Knitting socks that match

Is it just me, or is it wrong to knit socks, that while are made using the same yarn, just don't match. Nothing bothers me more than when people hand knit socks with self patterning yarn and they don't make the socks look the same. Now I know, from experience, that it isn't the easiest thing to find the repeat and work from there on the second sock. Then there are the people who do two socks at the same time one knit from the inside of the skein, and one knit from the outside. But come on people, they don't match unless you match the repeat. It is this attention to detail that I think makes all the difference. Am I alone here?

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Housewife said...

I've somehow found my way to these witty knitty blogs and although the product is beautiful nothing would make me pick up the needles. I'll have to be satisfied watching you all create, oohing and ahhing and buying the occasional handmade item.

FYI Eve hasn't worn matching socks since our visit to my wacky artist friends last July, sometimes she even wears mismatched shoes!

I'm sure that would drive you nuts. :) I'm just excited she has shoes and socks on.