Saturday, February 17, 2007

Matching socks update and what kids choose to wear

First let me say I just typed this whole post, and then lost it. DANG! So, I started to type this post in response to a comment left by Housewife. (Thanks for reading and commenting.) She said that her daughter doesn't wear matching socks anymore, and sometimes her shoes don't match. The funny thing is, this doesn't bother me. My kids make many interesting wardrobe choices, including mismatched socks. Except for Gwen, who I think it would physically pain to do so. But, that is a whole 'nother story. I like to think that how my kids put an outfit together is a reflection of who they are and is a way for them to express themselves. In reality, they are probably just putting on the first things they grab.

My problem lies with those who make the socks, calling them a match pair. For me they match no more than to different blue socks, or two different patterns knit with the same yarn. These same people are constantly worrying over seams on garments they have made, and saying it is the attention to detail that makes the difference in a hand made garment. However, they don't take the time to find the repeat in the patterning in the yarn and start the second sock from there.

More about kids and there clothing choices. About a month, my family and I were walking through IKEA. I overheard a couple behind me talking. My husband says this is a bad habit of mine, I say they were invading my auditory space. ;) Anyhow, the guy says to the girl, "you would never wear tennis shoes with a dress would you?" I didn't hear her response as I was somehow distracted by someone or something. It was until later that I realized he was talking, rather loudly, and rudely in my oppinion, about my 7 year old daughter. Jacquelyn had that day chosen to wear a very pretty red velvet dress with a pretty satin ribbon, and red Converse hightops. Now give me a break...ok, it looked a little crazy, but she is 7! And at least she matched and was clean. I mean it wasn't like she was 35, and going to a gala...but so what if she was. Really at least at 7 she has already figured out that sneakers are way more comfortable than dress shoes. I mean I keep forgetting that and forcing myself to wear heels for any important event we go to. TTFN, Mikalan

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