Sunday, February 18, 2007

Missing Tooth

Well it happened. Jacquelyn lost her first tooth last night. She was leaving Thinking Day(a girl scout event), bit into a fortune cookie and started screaming. I ask her if she bit her tongue. She screamed and cried something back at me. I told her she had to calm down I didn't understand did she bite her tongue. She screamed and cried some more and started looking on the ground. What she said sounded something like I think I just bit my tongue off and I can't feel it anymore. When I repeated that back to her, she laughed and began to calm down. Apparantly when she bit down, one of her bottom teeth moved and now it hurt. In fact, it loosened up a lot. Of course she would not eat as biting hurt. So today, we finally got the tooth out, and she was able to eat. Enjoy the picture! TTFN, Miki

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