Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Motorcycle Safety

The last several months, as gas prices have increased, Craig and I have argued over the purchase of a motorcycle for his work commute. He drives about a half an hour one way. While I can see that they get much better gas mileage than even his Taurus, I don't think it will save us money. He thinks it will. My arguement is that I don't think motorcycles are safe. Even the safest driver can still by killed. I think that after getting more life insurance, and buying the motorcycle, and taking the classes to be a responsible rider, and the insurance, and the personal property tax, and even possible the therapy for me after worrying that he won't come home each time he rides, we will not be ahead financially. Even if we were ahead, I don't think it would be by much, and that fact that it scares me too death that he isn't a safe as he could be, makes it not worth it.

Normally I wouldn't blog about this, but as I "cleaned out" one of my inboxes this morning I read a prayer request from the church in my home town. I dear friend of mine and her husband had been injured in a motorcycle accident on their way to the Rhodedenron Festival. She apparantly had been life flighted to another hospital where she eventually died. Her husband was in critical condition at a closer hospital. I immediately began searching for info on this crash. I finally found some on a local tv station website. I was saddend to hear that they were hit from behind as they slowed to turn into a waypoint. What the article did not say was if speed was a factor. I am sure it was. This for me only proves my point in how unsafe motorcycles are. The driver of the car that struck them was not paying enough attention, and as a result my friend is dead and her husband critically injured. I know in my rational mind that my husband could also die in a car accident, but I also know that he is better protected in a car to survive. Plus, I am not ready to live without him, and don't think I ever will be. TTFN, Miki

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