Sunday, September 04, 2011


Yesterday one of the bloggers I read (Jessica)had a post about issues she was having with her almost teenage daughter. I want to share it with you all as it is something I experience quite regularly. I am so tired of hearing the words but everyone else does/has. The last few weeks it has been concerning the dress code at their school. Apparently the dress codes is rather loosely enforced. The girls are supposed to wear shorts that are no shorter than finger tip length. No thin straps. No bra straps showing. No midriffs showing. You get the picture. Any of you that have tried to find shorts that are not too short know the challenge I have been up against for the last few years. Couple that with girls who have really long arms. Gwen practically has to wear Bermuda shorts to comply with the dress code. The first week she came home and told us that everyone wore short shorts and no one cared. After a week of this with both her and Clarece, I had to finally explain to them once again that I didn't care what everyone else did they would not. I explained that they signed a paper agreeing to a dress code and they would abide by it. I explained that I have never been swayed by what other parents do. Their father and I make decisions to raise them the way we see best. Often times it is contrary to what others do. I don't care. My kids don't have cell phones. Yes sometimes I think it would make things easier. Yes the older 2 who are 15 will soon have them. But honestly, I am not sure why so many kids have them. My kids do not get email or facebook until they are 13. That is the rule, no exceptions. When we were preparing to move, my youngest ask for an email to keep in contact with her friends. I told her to use mine. She followed with all her friends had one. Once again...I don't care. Please take a moment to read Jessica's blog. It is really good.

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