Thursday, September 08, 2011


It has been so long since I posted any knitting or craft project. I have been working on stuff, just not much. Lets see, I finished a quilt.
This picture is before it was quilted, but you get the idea. I have knit several pairs of socks. When my mom and dad came to visit in May, I learned to make a fabulous table runner. So, I made a few of them.

I also made a cupcake one for Valerie for her birthday,and a red and black floral one. I will try to post pictures of those later.
Most recently (yesterday) I finished a fabri Knit hat. I bought this in a kit several years ago(maybe while I was in Minnesota). The fabric looks sort of like a bandana. The pattern was a simple knit 3 purl 2. The hat turned out kind of cute. I wasn't too sure while I was working on it, but it worked out ok. The fabric wanted to twist and fold strangely. It was hard on my hands to knit as it really didnt want to slip like yarn would. I would need to knit a few rows and then rest, or the pain would almost be unbearable. It reminded me of when my tendonitis would flare up, and I couldn't type. Fortunately the hat is done. It will most likely turn out like many of my interesting medium projects and be a one and done. I can honestly say I prefer to knit with yarn.

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