Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Workout Day 2

I am one day closer to a new habit. I sure hope so. Today's workout went pretty good. I stayed on the treadmill longer than yesterday but not as long as I want. It is a baby step. I think it is better to set your goals high and work towards them than to make them completely manageable. The workout felt better than yesterday. I have a feeling today I will be sore though. My calves are killing me right now. No amount of stretching is helping. I am not concerned about the number on the scale. That will come in time. Right now I just want to build some stamina. I also need to find our fan. The treadmill is in the office, which has 2 huge windows with southern exposure. There is so much sun coming in that room even with the blinds down and the air on that room is warm. I really need a fan blowing on me like at the gym. That will be one goal for tomorrow. One that will hopefully be easy to achieve, hard to say though because my kids had it last. TTFN

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