Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend and workouts

Early Saturday morning the kids and I piled into the car and drove to Richmond. Gwen had an orthodontist appointment. I know it seems strange to drive there after we have moved, but we have paid our portion and hopefully she is almost done, so a couple hour drive every few months doesn't seem too bad. Getting up at 5 on a Saturday made it feel like a poor decision. The best part was of course I could see my friends who I miss desperately. The kids all had friends to spend time with too. We only planned on staying Saturday and driving home on Sunday. That is what we did, but it was not nearly enough time. Visits with friends felt SUPER rushed. I really would have liked to have driven up on Friday, but the kids really wanted to go to the football game. Because I am a great mom, I let them. Next month I am going to push for driving down on Friday. It will be my birthday weekend and therefore I get my way. Right? I am sure two days will also not be enough time, but it will have to do.

Unfortunately I did not workout on either Saturday or Sunday. I had planned on hoping on the treadmill on Sunday, but didn't. Not to make excuses, but I slept poorly in a strange bed, and after a 3 hour drive I just wanted to put my pajamas on and climb in bed. So I did. I certainly paid for it on Monday. The workout was hard. I did realize when I was almost done that I had gone further, faster and burned more calories. I am beginning to push myself. My calves hurt and I tell myself this is a positive. Today was the same. Faster, further and more calories. Yeah! The bad, or maybe good part is that I have stared to talk to myself during the workout. I chant positive affirmations. I sure hope no one walks in while I am doing it. I am my own trainer. If it makes me stronger, healthier, thinner and sexier, I am all for it. One week in. No weight lost, none gained. Clothes don't fit any different and except for my calves and ankles hurting I don't feel different. I sure hope I see changes soon.

I have also signed up for a Self workout. It is designed to drop 8 lbs in a month (2 a week). I will not being doing the exact plan. My treadmill only has 2 inclines and I have to stop it to change it. I like the strength workout. I can't wait to try it tomorrow, or maybe even later today. Plus the pork chop recipe for dinner sounds pretty good. Bonus, I don't have to think about dinner! I may even get the ingredients for the black bean brownies and try to sneak them to my kids. TTFN

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