Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's on your needles Wednesday #1

Lately my posts have not been about knitting or any kind of crafts. It seems the "other stuff" has taken over this blog. So, I decided to commit to at least one post a week on knitting and crafts. I am calling it "what's on your needles Wednesday". I will post what I am working on, and hope others will comment on what they are working on. Since my blogging hiatus during nursing school, I don't know if anyone is still reading this, but maybe this will get some people here.

I am currently knitting a scarf. The pattern is called Ocean Currents. It is from a book by Sheryl Thies called, Ocean Breezes. I have chosen to knit this in an alpaca silk blend that I purchased from Hermes Alpacas in Midlothian VA. In the move I seem to have misplaced the label, but I think I am knitting it in Twilight. However I am not sure. The color is sort of a pinkish purplish brown. Hard to explain and I don't think the picture does it justice. I LOVE this yarn. It is SO soft. The owner of the farm had knit this scarf up in a greenish color and had it on display at a craft fair I attended. This is why I chose this pattern and yarn combo. I think this yarn is making for a lacier version of this scarf. I started this scarf last December while finishing up my third semester of nursing school. I decided a few months ago that I was knitting it too tight. This is a "problem" of mine. Usually it doesn't matter, but in this case I think I was making it impossible to lay flat and blocking wouldn't have helped. I have restarted it. I am almost back to where I was before ripping it out. It has a light airy quality to it. I have no idea if it will lay flat, but I am not ripping it out again. I was thinking the other day that I may knit this scarf again in another yarn just to compare the two. Hopefully I will finish this scarf this week and have something new "on my needles" next week. Please let me know what you are working on. TTFN


Valerie Burch said...

I'm working on 3 projects right now. Ha! Barn Cat, Fat Robin, and McHenry. All are Christmas gifts and my crafters ADD is in full swing! ;)

Love and miss you - V

Miki said...

Overachiever! Love you! I actually just finished up socks and a hat. I really try to have only 2 projects at a time. One small to carry with me,(socks) and something else. I really want to start some socks with some yummy yarn that my best friend gave me a few years ago, but I haven't found it yet. Plus this scarf is about a year old and needs to be finished.