Friday, September 16, 2011

workout day 4

Yes I know I skipped day 3, but I did workout. Day 3 was so much easier than the previous 2. I think it was because of the fan. My girls have big fans mounted on the walls in their rooms. Not sure why but they are there. While walking I considered switching the office with Gwen's room so I could put the treadmill in front of the fan. My thinking was the little fan feels so good, wouldn't a big fan feel better? Craig vetoed the idea. He doesn't want to carry the treadmill upstairs. Plus, the office doesn't have a closet and Gwen needs a closet. Dang!

Today's workout was harder than yesterdays. But, I realized that I was walking faster today, than yesterday. Much faster in fact. So that would explain why it was harder. Right now I just want to go back to bed. I am so tired. But, I have much to do so I won't.

Tomorrow I have to get up early and drive to Richmond. Gwen has an orthodontist appointment at nine. Finding time to fit a workout in will be tough. Charlene and I may need to go for a walk like old times. Sunday we will drive home. Once again a workout will need to be snuck in there.

My trying to establish this habit has rubbed off on Craig. He got up yesterday and went for a run. He hasn't done that in awhile and paid for it the rest of the day. Apparantly his calf tightened up on him and bothered him the rest of the day. Of course he didnt stretch enough and didnt hydrate and refused to eat a banana. So I have little sympathy for him. I just hope he keeps it up. TTFN

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